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June 06 2017

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© MING | Do not edit. (1, 2)
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Can you believe it? 

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Day 1 of Festa - Dance Practice from 2013 to 2017. #BTSFESTA2017
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Melinda May In Every Episode - 1x10 The Bridge

“This is a bad idea.”
“While I have you in a good mood, you should know that Skye‘s trying to ID the agent that dropped her off at the orphanage. We agreed to protect her from the truth, so I told her you were looking into it. She may come to you.”
One mistake at a time.”

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seokjin’s #1 fanboy

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You’ve got your faith. You’ve got your songs and your hymns. And I’ve got the Doctor.

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In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.

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yoongi looking good and making heads turn

June 05 2017

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“I used to be in 1D and now I’m out free is more about freedom to explore music a little bit. Now everyone’s been out and done their thing, popped out and done a little something. I’m very proud of everybody, it’s been amazing to see.”

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there he goes

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rosy cheeks 😊
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5.04 The Time of Angels

Because she’s someone from you future and the way she talks to you, I’ve never seen anyone do that, she’s kinda like you know, “heel boy”. She’s Mrs Doctor from the future, isn’t she? Is she going to be your wife one day?

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